Expertise of Gold & Silver. What’s the value?

What can Waardig mean to you?

Waardig is based in Antwerp, the capital of diamonds, where I, Cornelia Perquin, work as a certified appraiser of jewellery and silver objects. The certification system is in line with international (ISO) standards.  I’m a member of TMV, a professional association of appraisers, brokers and auctioneers of movable assets in the Netherlands. Expertise and cataloguing are offered in Belgium, the Netherlands and South East England.

You might wonder “What does Waardig mean?” This Dutch term is to be translated as ‘worthy’, as well as it’s a wordplay on two separate words: Waardigheid and waarde– ‘dignity’ and ‘value’. Those terms are essential in my line of work. When I do an appraisal, both dignity and value are fundamental.

Knowing the different aspects that add value to your treasures could aid in making a more informed choice. There are several situations in which independent advice is important, take for example the allocation of an inheritance, which can be quite the emotional matter.

The value of precious objects, jewellery and silver items, is determined by various factors: the used materials, the artistry, quality, but of course there are other significant aspects to consider as well.

Antique jewellery has been my primary field of expertise for over 30 years. For antiques, their historical background, the condition and the pedigree can be the main focal point.

PAN vetting 2015I consider jewellery as the most intimate decorative art. It matters what you wear, as you adorn your body with valuables that often symbolize the special moments in your life. These treasures might be inherited and eventually, you yourself will pass them on. When you are comfortable with the jewellery you’re wearing, it’s not ‘showing off’, but ‘showing on’ and it can add to a feeling of safety to have something of value at hand.

Why an appraisal?

An official document with a description and an evaluation of your valuables may serve in several situations:

  • Having someone estimate your treasures and explaining the objective value could aid in concluding. For example heirs or (ex-) loved ones had better insight into the value to allocate possessions honestly.
  • An insurance report contains an actual valuation of the replacement value. This allows you to avoid discussions in case of a loss or damage. Besides, an accurate description increases the ability to detect the lost object.
  • Support for professionals. I provide expertise for museums, notaries, lawyers, banks and jewellers who need an official report for their clients.
  • For judicial and arbitrary assignments
  • Inventory and cataloguing for collectors, museums and churches.

If you consider a valuation I would be pleased to hear from you.